Master Crafters are players who would love to help out in any way they can.  Find them by using the links below.

Gear Tiers (PVE --- PvP)

  • Tier 1a (51, 23, 126): Tionese/Xenotech/Energized --- Centurion
  • Tier 1b (56, 24, 136): Columi/Exotech --- Champion
  • Tier 1c (58, 25, 140): Rakata --- Battlemaster
  • Tier 2a (61, 26, 146): Campaign/Black Hole --- War Hero
  • Tier 2b (63, 27, 150): Dread Guard/Hazmat --- Elite War Hero

How to Read the ListEdit

The list is fairly simple and divided up into the subcatagories of each crafting skill.  When looking at crafters, understand that there are both Republic and Imperial factions and you can't send across factions without using a middle man.  To denote these seperate factions they will be on different lines in the lists and will look like this.

  • Republic
  • Empire

Please keep it alphabetized too.

Crafting SkillsEdit